Картина – “Пейзаж с деревьями” / Oil painting – “Landscape with trees”

Картина - "Пейзаж с деревьями"

Creation date: 07.2020 Size: 30×20 cm. Materials: oil, canvas Buy photo license: https://www.dreamstime.com/tree-oil-painting-landscape-against-blue-sky-image190869179#res67084 Status: For Sale

Картина – “Осень в деревне” / Oil painting – “Autumn in the village”

Картина - "Осень в деревне"

Creation date: 10.2019 Size: 22×15.5 cm. Материалы / Materials: масло, дерево / oil, wood Buy photo license: https://www.dreamstime.com/autumn-landscape-painting-oil-fall-country-village-scene-blue-skies-image162276198#res67084 Status: Sold

Картина – “На Гоголевском бульваре” / Oil painting – “On Gogolevsky Boulevard”

Картина - "На Гоголевском бульваре"

Creation date: 07.2017 Size: 50×40 cm. Materials: oil, canvas Buy photo license: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-illustration-pathway-woods-autumn-oil-painting-illustrating-clothed-colors-character-seated-bench-path-image97112730#res67084 Status: For Sale